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Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year!  
Thank you for your continued support of our school.
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Our Prayer Wall

Zer0 the Her0 Visited 0ur Sch00l F0r 0ur 100th Day of Sch00l

Way to go Sixth Grade Students!!
Congratulations to our Patriot Pen Essay Contest Winners.  

Brennen Jelinek, Ted Fehringer and Emma Shotkoski

Bruce Arant, author of "Simpson's Sheet Wont Go to Sleep" came to our school and shared his love of books with us.  We got the chance to see what hard work and determination an author must have to get their book published.  

6th Grade GPS Day

6th Grade Metric Experiments

Our Bookaneer book fair was a huge success.  We earned 64 free books for our school library!!!  We also earned $1,200 profit for our school.  With the support from our generous school family 70 books were donated to our classroom teachers.  


Don't forget to buy scrip for all your regular purchases, like groceries, gas, and items for school projects!

Buy Scrip Online!!!!

school code A16E32L91462

Below is a link to the scrip order form.

Don't forget quarters on Tuesdays for Manuela!!!

May Crowning


Fifth Grade Animal Reports

Our Kindergarten Students are having a GREAT year!!!!

Each morning, the fourth grade students lead a rosary before the school day starts.  Last quarter, Quarter 1, 868 rosaries were said by our students!!  WOW!! What a great way to start our day with prayer!!

Our 5th Grade students attended Leadership Day at Ag. Park.  It looks like they had a great day!!

Check out our Jello Cells

Saint Isidore School is now using School Beacon!!! Please register  at

Do you own a business and want a way to get rid of used ink cartridges?  We have the answer.  Become a business sponsor of our school and help us reach our goal.  

Contact the school for more information.

We are collecting used cell phones, mp3 players, digital cameras, inkjet cartridges, and laser cartridges for recycling.  The money we raise will be used towards technology. 

 Please visit to see how our school is doing.  Thanks for your support!!

School Year Earnings 

All time Earnings $594.15



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