Saint Isidore School
3821 20th Street

Saint Isidore Catholic School Mission Statement

St. Isidore Catholic School's mission is to create disciples of faith who grow in faith, character, service and knowledge.


St. Isidore School is a PreK-6 Catholic School established in 1965. Fr. Francis Price, who was our founding Pastor, established the parish and school on basic Catholic principles that children are our future and they need a sound Catholic Education.  Under the guidance and tutelage of Fr. Price, the dream of a few Catholic families came to life.  A parish was begun in 1965 with a school being the mainstay of the parish.  The Benedictine Sisters were very instrumental in helping Fr. Price develop a fine educational program that helped students reach their highest potential.

St. Isidore Parish Elementary School is dedicated and committed to the holistic (spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, and social) developmental process of each child.  Consequently, in this process both teachers and parents are called upon to utilize their skills and talents to enhance the dignity and self-concept of each child.

What is New!!

In order to support the growing use of technology in the classroom, we have made a strong commitment to upgrading our school's electronic devices and wireless access.  Currently, the students have weekly computer classes with curriculum-based instruction.  In addition, all computers are part of a network that allows classroom linkage from the computer lab.  Technology continues to be a main focus at Saint Isidore School and computer education continues to evolve in all grade areas.  New for the 2018-19 school year, we have an additional 20 iPads, and 40 chrome books available for student use!  These devices were purchased by our Home & School organization in order to support classroom instruction.  We look forward to what we can do with this new technology in our hands.  For additional information, please visit the school to see what is happening with technology.


St. Isidore students receive daily religion classes and attend mass twice weekly.  Our pastor makes weekly visits to all classroom for an extension to our religion curriculum.  The students get the opportunity to lector at Mass, altar serve, cantor, play the piano, and plan the mass celebration.